Acrylic Paint Pouring

It has been a while since I last wrote on this news page. I do hope you all had a good Christmas as can be under the circumstances. We are now in lockdown 3 and I have taken this opportunity of getting creative. I needed a few weeks break from making jewellery, the precision, the polishing, the delicacy of the process. So decided to try my hand at acrylic paint pouring. Its very messy, but I love it! The designs are inspired by the the sea, its movement, the ebbing tides and colours. I will be using the off cuts in my jewellery to set with resin so watch this space. In the meantime this is a small piece of what I have made. If you are interested do check my Instagram page to see my full range of Tidal Seascape artwork that I have created and the cards available to purchase.  @sally_napier_jewellery